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Nutrislicer™ 2.0 helps you make healthy, delicious, nutritious meals for the whole family by doing all the slicing, chopping, and grating of your vegetables, cheese and even fruit for you. Your Nutrislicer™ 2.0 comes with 3 interchangeable super sharp stainless-steel drums for chopping, slicing, and grating 18 times faster than normal. It’s easy to use and saves you lots of time. Simply turn the precision power handle and watch the Nutrislicer™ 2.0 work it’s magic. Make healthy homemade soups, salads and even veggie pizza that your whole family will enjoy. And Nutrislicer™ 2.0 is dishwasher safe so cleaning is a breeze

Quickly Prepare Your Favorite Vegetables, Cheeses and More

Nutrislicer™ 2.0 is the all-in-one slicer, grater and chopper that gets the job done faster than ever. As seen on TV, this multi-purpose food mill lets you zoom through kitchen prep tasks. It’s perfect for vegetables, cheese, fruit and nuts. Easily create delicious soups, healthy casseroles, nutritious snacks and your family’s favorite recipes.


Slice, Grate and Chop with 3 Interchangeable Drums

This time-saving vegetable chopper comes with three stainless steel drums: one for slicing, one for chopping and one for grating. Each drum features a super-sharp blade. A single turn of the handle creates perfectly chopped onions, neatly grated cabbage, finely sliced zucchini…and so much more!

No Slipping or Sliding! Locks into Place on Your Countertop

Buy Nutrislicer™ 2.0 and find out how easy it is to eat more healthfully. If you’ve ever tried a kitchen slicer, you know that they don’t always stay put on your countertop. It’s one of the most common complaints and Nutrislicer™ 2.0 has the answer. Constructed with a superior suction lock system, this sturdy food shredder securely locks into place. The result is a stable base and smooth, easy operation.


Make Delicious, Nutritious Meals the Easier Way

Eating right is easier when you have the right tools. When it’s time to cook, just pull out your Nutrislicer™ 2.0. The efficient, all-in-one design does the job of several different tools. It simplifies your food prep and saves space, too. It replaces your old-fashioned box graters, food slicers and other cumbersome gadgets. Did you know it’s even great for home-made apple pie? It slices the apples for the filling, chops the nuts for the topping and grates the cinnamon for the authentic flavor you love.